pdf Reconstruction of the Slippery Slope Framework Tax Compliance Model

I Nyoman Darmayasa*, I Made Marsa Arsana, I Made Agus Putrayasa

Politeknik Negeri Bali

This study attempts to reconstruct the Slippery Slope Framework (SSF) tax compliance model based on the values of Pancasila as the nation's ideology. This study is a conceptual paper through a literature review. The conceptual based on internalization of the value of Pancasila through historicity, rationality, and actuality. Historically, the SSF compliance model has not fully agreed with the values of Pancasila, which reflects the characteristics of taxpayers in Indonesia. Rationally, the SSF compliance model prioritizes the objective role of tax authorities in their primary task of collecting tax revenues. The reconstruction of the model through the actuality of the nation's ideological value occurs by balancing the role of the tax authority’s power with the taxpayers’ trust. The reconstruction propositions of the obedience model are based on humanist religious values at the conceptual level. The reconstruction of the SSF compliance model makes the humanist religious assumption the foundation of the tax authority's power as taxpayers’ trust increases. The reconstruction model is believed to be able to dynamically transform an antagonistic into a synergistic climate to increase voluntary compliance.

Keywords: Conceptual paper, Nation's ideological value, Reconstruction, Slippery slope framework, Tax compliance

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