pdf Risk Determinant of Musharakah Financing: A Study in Indonesia

Rosmini Ramli, Erie Febrian, Dian Masyita, Mokhamad Anwar

Universitas Padjadjaran – Bandung, Universitas Indonesia Timur
Universitas Padjadjaran – Bandung

The purpose of this paper is to find out the influence of internal and external factors on the risk of musharaka financing of Islamic Commercial Banks in Indonesia. Financing risks in previous Islamic banking studies focus more on overall financing risks involving internal and external aspects, both separately and jointly. There have been no studies that examine the internal and external aspects of sharia commercial banks on financing risks, especially in the musharakah contract. This study will complement the literature on the aforementioned issue. This study uses a quantitative method with panel data regression analysis. The data used is quarter financial ratio data from all Sharia Commercial Banks in Indonesia for the period 2012-2017. The results of the study show that bank internal factors predominantly influence the risk of musharakah financing. Whereas on external factors, only GDP growth has a significant effect.

Keywords: Financing risk, Musharakah contract, Risky sector, Internal and external factors

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